The original Quiet Moments opened in 1997 in Merriam, Kansas. The goal was to establish a massage therapy practice that promoted massage as a way to combat stress and relieve muscle tension. Meg's motto has always been, "massage for stress reduction and relaxation."

In October 2004 Meg opened Quiet Moments in her home which is located on 25 wooded acres outside of Kearney, Missouri. In 2007, Meg moved her practice to Liberty, Missouri.

The location may have changed, but the goal has not, to help people understand that massage can be relaxing and still be therapeutic. It is estimated that stress today can cause or aggravate 90% of today's illnesses, including elevated blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and even obesity. Massage doesn't begin and end with pain relief.

Massage has many other health related benefits including lowering blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and help relieve anxiety and depression. It also helps remove toxins and waste from the muscles. It can also, in some instances help to stimulate the immune system. Massage on regular basis is a great way to augment our desire to be healthy.

Payment:  Personal Check, Cash or major credit cards

we accept credit cards for massage

Please visit Quiet Moments and take the opportunity to relax, refresh and renew.

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