"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." --- Ovid

When scheduling your appointment please inform the therapist if you are under a doctor's care for any conditions or pregnant, as Quiet Moments does not offer pregnancy massage.

Quiet Moments offers the following therapies(click on title for details):

Therapeutic Massage:

Massage has existed for thousands of years, from the Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians, touch has been a universal way to relax the body and relieve pain. Since its beginnings, many different forms of massage have developed, each offering its own style, but studies have shown that regardless of what type of massage you select the benefits are many.

The physiological and psychological changes can include increased circulation, reduced muscle spasms and cramping, also help to facilitate the removal of toxins and waste products that can build up in the muscle tissue, pain relief, and lower blood pressure and heart rate. Massage can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression when done on a regular basis.

This massage incorporates the relaxing strokes of Swedish massage to activate the parasympathetic nervous system(rest and digest), while utilizing more firm and moderate pressure to get into deeper levels of tight congested muscle.

45 minutes - $45.00 (This length works for spot work, such as back and neck)

70 minutes - $60.00 (this offers the opportunity for a wonderful full body massage.)

90 minutes - $80.00 (For clients who want more in depth work or an extended relaxation period.)


Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage is for most a very relaxing massage that works the superficial layers of muscle. Many incorrectly believe that since it is not deep tissue it does not have any significant therapeutic value, but in fact this style of massage is very beneficial. There are five strokes that make up Swedish massage. They include effleurage, which is long relaxing gliding strokes that help to aid in blood and lymph flow. Petrissage which is a gentle lifting of muscles up and away from bone to help with circulation. Friction is a deep circular movement made with thumb pads or fingertips to aid in the break down of adhesions. Tapotement has many variations and is a tapping of the muscle tissue to release tension. It is a more invigorating technique. Finally vibration is done with the palms of hands to create a rapid shaking motion This technique also helps boost circulation. Swedish massage is a wonderful massage to help activate the parasympathetic nervous system that helps us de-stress and mentally relax.

45 minutes - $45.00

70 minutes - $60.00

90 minutes - $80.00


Myofascial Release Therapy:

The John Barnes Myofascial Release method is not massage. The focus is on the fascia system; a tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the body. A physical trauma, inflammation, structural misalignment, stress and diet can contribute to tension in the fascia resulting in less flexibility and movement. Fascia restrictions can also put pressure on nerves, organs and the skeletal system. This type of bodywork does not use oil and the client will wear a bathing suit(two piece for women)or women can wear shorts and a sports bra.

70 minutes - $80.00

CranioSacral Therapy - The Ten Step Protocol:

Craniosacral therapy was developed and pioneered by osteopathic physician John Upledger. This is a soft tissue modality that seeks to identify and release restrictions in the connective tissue. There is a rhythm in the body called the cranial rhythm which is separate & distinct from the respiratory and heart rate. By putting hands gently on different areas of the body this rhythm can be felt. The therapist is looking for a lack of rhythm or a weak rhythm. When treating these areas, the source and not just the symptoms are being treated. Craniosacral is often used for headaches, migraines, low back discomfort, sinus problems, decrease stress, relax connective tissue, acute pain and for an overall sense of well-being. This work is very light and gentle. The pressure is equivalent to 5 grams of pressure, or the weight of a nickel. The client is fully clothed during the session. It is recommended that initially sessions be done weekly or every other week. To learn more about craniosacral therapy visit the Upledger website at: http://upledger.com/content.asp?id=26

70 minutes - $60.00

Hot Stone Massage:

This is a very relaxing and detoxifying massage. Basalt stones are heated to temperatures between 120-140 degrees and placed on the body in various locations, such as along the spine. The warm stones encourage the exchange of blood and lymph while providing soothing heat to muscle tissue. The therapist will use the warmed stones as an extension of her hands, moving them along the body.

90 minutes - $90.00

Add on to back only $5.00 additional


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that are derived from plants. These oils are used during a massage either topically with a carrier oil, such as almond oil, or diffused into the air. Each scent has its own properties which interacts with the bodies chemistry, helping to invoke change both physically and mentally. The usage of scents has been used for 3000 years for relaxation, and pain relief. Clients are offered a limited selection of a single oil such as lavender or an oil blend.

Basic Foot Reflexology:

Reflexology maintains that the bodies organs, glands, limbs, torso and head are reflected in pressure points on the hands and feet. When these pressure points are massaged by the therapist then the entire body is stimulated, which helps relax muscles and increase circulation to all parts of the body. A reflexology session can be both relaxing and stimulating. Muscles are relaxed while toxins and waste products are released for a beneficial cleansing.

30 minutes - $35.00

Hand & Arm Massage:

Massage that focuses on the arm extensors, flexors and hands, offering relief for those who use the computer extensively or have work or hobbies that require repetitive use of the hands.

30 Minutes - $35.00

Energy Therapy:

Reiki and Attunement Reiki (Ray-Key) is an ancient non-invasive hands on therapy method that helps reduce stress, relieve pain and facilitate healing and personal growth. Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a spiritual educator, in his study of ancient Buddhist teachings in the late 1900's. Reiki means universal life energy, the energy found in all living things. It involves no doctrines, creeds or belief system.

The Reiki current is released through the hands and involves a light touch. The Reiki practitioner works with various organs in the body as well as the nerve plexus and acts as a conduit for the Reiki energy. Reiki is gentle and greatly enhances all other healing modalities. Dr. Mehmet Oz who is the vice chair of surgery and professor of cardiac surgery at Columbia University and directs the Cardiovascular Institute and is also a founder and medical director of the Integrative Medicine program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center has stated on the Oprah Show that he believes "energy therapy is the new frontier of medicine". He is the author of the award-winning book Healing From the Heart, YOU the Owners Manual with Dr. Michael Roiszen MD, as well as other publications. He has appeared on television and has been interviewed in national magazines and newspapers to discuss his success with complementary medicine. Dr. Oz believes in incorporating both traditional Western techniques and complimentary therapies for treating disease and for overall wellness.

Attunement is a non-touch approach to vibrant energy health and healing. It involves the sharing of a radiant life energy to assist an individual in finding alignment and balance in body, mind and emotions. Attunement helps a person get in touch with their heart and soul and provides a personal experience of inner peace and balance.

Read a recent study conducted by the University of Missouri using non-contact therapeutic touch for pain management.

70- Minute $60.00(Introductory Special 1st Session $30.00)

Relaxation Sampler:

The Relaxation Therapy Sampler will lead the client's mind, body and spirit on a journey to relaxation, for an overall sense of well-being by combining the three techniques of energy therapy, reflexology and a therapeutic back massage.

70 minutes - $60.00

90 minutes - $90.00

Far Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy:

Far infrared energy is part of the invisible natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV, which makes FIR harmless. The wavelengths of FIR are too long for the eyes to perceive, but can be experienced as gentle radiant heat. Far infrared heat has the ability to penetrate 1-3 inches through the skin to the subcutaneous tissue. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissue causes blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, promoting better blood circulation.

The therapist will sometimes start a massage session with a few minutes of FIR heat in a localized area. For a more therapeutic benefit it can be added on to any massage session or scheduled as a stand alone treatment.


Relaxes tight muscles

Increases blood circulation

Boosts and improves the immune system by enhancing white blood cell function

Helps improve joint movement

Increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cell to the body’s soft tissue areas.

Helps remove accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation

15 minutes - $15.00

30 minutes - $25.00