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Meg has selected books, and music that offer clients the ability to improve their health and create a relaxing environment at home.  Just click on the image and you will be transported to the Amazon website where you can learn more about the product or similar products, all of which can be purchased at Amazon.   Many of the music selections can be sampled at the Amazon website.    

Rodney Yee is an internationally known yoga master. His soft and relaxing voice guides you through the basic yoga poses. It is always good to take a yoga class to help learn poses and proper alignment, but for those who are not comfortable with group classes or for those who have gotten out of a yoga practice, this is a wonderful alternative.

There is a 20 minute morning workout to get you going and a 15 minute evening workout to help you unwind and relax.

I have been a fan of Deva Premal for many years, ever since first hearing Love is Space. Yantra Mantra "Sacred Light-Sacred Sound" is truly beautiful in every way. Listening to Deval Prema's voice paired with the sacred geometry images takes one into a very deep relaxed space where time does not exist. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take a break from the chaos in their world. I think those who enjoy meditation will find it heightens that experience and even someone who doesn't have any exposure to meditation will be captivated by the powerful beauty of this work of art.

>More than seventy-five years ago, medical scientists declared magnesium to be an essential nutrient, indispensable to life. When this mineral is part of your diet, you are guarding against–and helping to alleviate–health threats such as heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, arthritis, and asthma. But while research continues to reaffirm magnesium’s irreplaceable contribution to good health, many Americans remain dangerously deficient.
In The Miracle of Magnesium, Dr. Carolyn Dean, an authority on this mineral who has used it with dramatic success in her own practice, explains the vital role that magnesium plays in the control of many serious ailments–from painful muscle spasms and bladder problems to traumatic brain injury and complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

Two of the foremost American educators and healers in the Chinese medical profession demystify Chinese medicine's centuries-old approach to health. Combining Eastern traditions with Western sensibilities in a unique blend that is relevant today, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH opens the door to a vast storehouse of knowledge that bridges the gap between mind and body, theory and practice, professional and self-care, East and West.

The Touch of Healing offers readers the means to greater health, vitality, and self-understanding through the practice of an ancient oriental healing art and practical holistic philosophy called Jin Shin Jystsu. Gentle touching similar to acupressure is used to release tension that accumulates and is at the root of dysfunction, disease, and imbalance. The authors explain the natural life force that runs through the body and demonstrate with case studies, detailed analysis, and more than 30 illustrations, how to integrate this system into one's life. The key healing points and body flows, known as "Safety Energy Locks," are presented with step-by-step instructions on how to utilize them for healing and greater self-awareness. Many self-help practices are also offered that address a wide array of common ailments, including headaches, digestive disorders, fatigue, depression, and arthritis along with prescriptive exercises for relief of emotional ailments such as loss of confidence, anxiety, and depression.

Posture Get It Straight by Janice Novak

It's true - improving your posture can make important differences in the way you look and feel. Like many people, though, you may think that your posture is hopeless, especially after years of slouching, slumping, or working in positions that have strained your muscles and stressed your body This fully illustrated guide shows you how to beat bad posture habits and demonstrates easy strengthening exercises that start working right_col away. Make yourself a promise to learn these simple techniques - and enjoy the rewards of better posture today!

Posture Alignment by Paul D'Arezzo 

A clear, easy-to-read book on the importance of posture or body alignment in maintaining appearance, physical function, and preventing muscle and joint pain and disability particularly as we grow older. Book includes postural self-assessment and over one hundred exercises in various short menus to correct and maintain proper body alignment.

Chi Kung The Way of Healing by Master Lam Kam Cheun

These ancient Chinese exercises are very gentle and  help quiet the mind and strengthen the body.

Love is Space by Deva Premal CD

Graced by ancient mantras and mult-level harmonies, LOVE IS SPACE glows with an inspiring, heart-centered passion. Deva Premal's voice, like silk, like liquid bliss, is accompanied by Jai Uttal, Miten and Kit Walker's amazing keyboard and rhythm tracks. LOVE IS SPACE, as the title suggests, is a journey into the spacious golden land of chant.

This is amazingly sensual music that is ideal for yoga, meditation, healing work, and, not least of all, slow passionate dancing.


Self-Healing with Sound and Music by Dr. Andrew Weil & Kimba Arem CD

Sound therapy has been found effective in treating a surprising range of health challenges including heart disease, arthritis, stress, emphysema, and more. On Self-Healing with Sound and Music, best-selling author and physician Dr. Andrew Weil teams up with sound therapist Kimba Arem to offer listeners a powerful new tool for healing on two CDs.

On CD 1, Dr. Weil discusses the latest in medical research that demonstrates how music heals the body and mind. CD 2 gives listeners a complete "sound journey" into expanded states of consciousness optimized for healing. Through an integration of binaural beats, natural sounds, indigenous and classical instruments – and a state-of-the-art recording process called "holophonic technology" that creates a three-dimensional healing space – listeners experience "prescription strength music" with the power to influence every system of the body.

Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.d  CD 

Perhaps no other person in America has done more to bring mindfulness meditation into the mainstream than Jon Kabat-Zinn. Through many research studies and his pioneering work at the University of Massachusetts where he is founder of its world renowned Stress Reduction Clinic, Kabat-Zinn has served as a recognized bridge between science and meditation. With Mindfulness for Beginners, he offers the definitive course designed specifically to introduce new students to the proven benefits of mindfulness practice, including: stress reduction, alleviation of depression, chronic pain relief, and more.

Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.d
Amazon Review: Kabat-Zinn, founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, is perhaps the best-known proponent of using meditation to help patients deal with illness. (The somewhat confusing title is from a line in Zorba the Greek in which the title character refers to the ups and downs of family life as "the full catastrophe.")

But this book is also a terrific introduction for anyone who has considered meditating but was afraid it would be too difficult or would include religious practices they found foreign. Kabat-Zinn focuses on "mindfulness," a concept that involves living in the moment, paying attention, and simply "being" rather than "doing." While you can practice anything "mindfully," from taking a walk to cleaning your house, Kabat-Zinn presents several meditation techniques that focus the attention most clearly, whether it's on a simple phrase, your breathing, or various parts of your body.

The book goes into detail about how hospital patients have either improved their health or simply come to feel better despite their illness by using these techniques, but these meditations can help anyone deal with stress and gain a calmer outlook on life. "When we use the word healing to describe the experiences of people in the stress clinic, what we mean above all is that they are undergoing a profound transformation of view," Kabat-Zinn writes. "Out of this shift in perspective comes an ability to act with greater balance and inner security in the world." --Ben Kallen

Reiki: Hands of Light by Deuter CD

This best-selling CD, loved by therapists and healers around the world, is excellent music for meditation, massage, or relaxation. Long sonorous tones and a rhythmic underlying pulse create a gently supportive, ambient soundscape. An essential addition to any healing and relaxation collection.

Feathertouch by Marilyn Seits CD

Feathertouch is a softly flowing, hour long and continuous CD of ambient music ideal for massage, Yoga, relaxation, spa treatments and Reiki. Marilynn wrote the music in keys which correspond to the vibrational frequencies of the seven chakras (energy openings) in the body. Feathertouch is beautiful, serene, subtle and consistent from beginning to end.

Celtic Harp: The Quiet Path by Paul Baker CD

The Quiet Path offers compositions and improvisations by harpist Paul Baker in keys corresponding to the energy centers of the body (chakras). Four of these songs weave together the resonance of the Celtic harp with the sonority of the cello (featuring cellist Peggy Baldwin) in the key related to the heart chakra to evoke the heart energy. The sound of these resonant melodies binds, instructs and guides the unfolding of all the other chakras with the heart as the central guiding theme. The music is played at a slow steady pulse to lead the brain into the alpha state where the mind, body and spirit relax, reorganize and rejuvenate. This peaceful music creates a perfect environment for healing and transformation.


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